Who Are We?

We are the makers of Fun Apps and Games, headed by Matt Harmon and built up of devs from around the world. The team have years of experience and currently work in a huge variety of Engine. We have a vast network of professional artists and developers that we can bring to the table to meet your app development needs. Whether you want to create the next awesome mobile game, or need a custom developed App for your own private enterprise, we can make it for you.
We are a firm believer that developing games, and especially for Mobile Devices, is less about bringing a new product to market, but rather an ongoing commitment to everyone who has purchased the title. We will incorporate as much feedback as we can and provide timely updates with more of everything to ensure that you and every other customer feels like they are getting value and treated like a client, not a customer. Buying a game shouldn't be a disposable pursuit and anything you purchase should have a meaningful, positive contribution to your game enjoyment.
We are Bonozo, and we make fun apps.

Engines We Are Currently Using: